Majority of life aspects in poems

“ Zephyr,” tells about a romance that the protagonist dreams of, though it is not yet real. He dwells upon what would happen if heaven should deny him this love. As the poem starts off, this wanted love is beautiful, and the protagonist wants nothing more than to be loved by this being. He imagines how perfect it all would be. Then he realizes what life would be like if the other person did not love him back. At the end of the poem, he makes it clear that if he does not get the love that he wants, he will be nothing more than a slave to his heart and his need for love.
“ A Mad Heart” discusses the author’s need to obtain a certain cup, one that holds within it spiritual and religious truth and understanding. However, this need is felt more out of envy and lust, rather a need to simply have such a marvelous thing. The author, though, understands what it would be like if someone else had gotten the cup, and begins to realize that it is probably best that he not be the one to receive it. If he felt differently about the reason that he wanted the cup, it would make more sense that he would be the one to be given it. Without it, though, he learns that he needs to restrain such irrational feelings.
“ Last Night I Dreamed” is about the author being taken to heaven in the place of Adam, who is missing. In short, the author died, replacing the original man in heaven. The author was found amongst sin, claiming that he and God have an agreement that must be met. The poem contains on in a way that suggests the essence of life flashes before the eyes of the author, comparing human life to that of a moth who has gotten too close to the light and now has scorched wings that no longer function as they should. After the author awakes, he realizes the importance of living a life worthy of getting into heaven.
“ All My Pleasure,” tells about the author’s love for the woman he is with, and how he wishes it to not be taken. When he realizes that his “ darling” will not always physically be with him, he prays to God that the two of them remain faithful to each other. He grieves her while she is away, but his love only grows stronger during those times. The author knows that their love is strong enough that even the moon would be jealous. In the end, the author is yearning so much for his love that he no longer cares about anything else except for prayer and his love.
The poems have in common the themes of love and love lost. In some poems, the love is romantic, while in others it is spiritual or religious. Hafiz understands love from all perspectives: having it, losing it, and not having it at all; it is through this that he realizes how blessed he is when he does have this love.