Major depressive episode

Even though there isn’t an exact time frame it is clear from the case study that mood episodes have existed for more than 2 weeks. Brian has felt bad for most of the day and every day as per the observations.
The brain is experiencing numerous symptoms such as his body functioning has deteriorated. He experiences fatigue and loss of energy along with sleeplessness. He wakes up as early as 2 am and finds it difficult to sleep after that. He has lost appetite and a considerable amount of weight. He is not interested in anything and worrying is only what he does. He has experienced increased levels of anxiety about his health. He also has psychomotor agitation. He is constantly tired and feels unworthy of anything.
His everyday life and routine are severely affected by the disorder. He is not able to work on the farm as he is used to earlier and this puts him and his family in a poor financial situation. Working at the farm which he did on a regular basis is now starting to feel like a burden.
There isn’t any particular exclusion that is applicable to Brian’s case.
The complete diagnosis of Brian would be according to Axis I.