Lulu island: abu dhabi, uae

Lulu Island: Abu Dhabi, UAE. Inserts His/her Inserts Grade Inserts 11th, December, Outline1. 0 Introduction 03 2. 0 Project Description 03 3. 0 Works Completed 04 4. 0 Current Works 05 5. 0 Planned Works 05 6. 0 Conclusions 05 7. 0 Reference 06 Lulu Island: Abu Dhabi, UAE. Date: 11 December, 2011. To: xxxxxx, Construction Manager. From: yyyyyyy. Subject: Lulu Island Development. 1. 0 Introduction I am writing this report to update you about my progress on the Lulu Island Project, Abu Dhabi. During the whole period, I have collected all relevant information about the mentioned project for your review so that you can make appropriate decisions regarding your interest in the project investment. Through this report, you will be informed about the project performances in the most effective manner that will enlighten your knowledge on all factors affecting the project. In particular, the following sections of this report will give you highlights on all tasks that I have already completed, the current works on my side, and the works that I am yet to complete. Finally, I conclude the report by giving an appraisal of the project putting all the necessary details on the project on the table. Review the following text in order to get the overall idea about the status of the Lulu Island Project. 2. 0 Project Description According to relevant sources, Lulu Island is the oldest man-made island in Abu Dhabi and was subject to the current development nearly two decades ago. The island was created to be 4. 734 million square meters, but currently, the island has an existing land area of 4. 664 million square meters. In connection, Lulu Island Project was established with the intended vision of providing residence for nearly 33, 000 people, with residential, commercial, retail and hotel facilities. Since 2006, the project has passed through a series of key construction activities including the construction of apartments, townhouses, villas, and key roads and telecommunications infrastructure. The purpose and scope of this project can be established from the following paragraph. The main objective of the project was to make the most of the unique location of Abu Dhabi by the Sea. Lulu Island, therefore, was to be a new district of Abu Dhabi that would be admired to visit. In that sense, the island was intended to maintain a low density, low-rise, but mixed-development are with structures covering only 30 percent of the whole land area. In accordance with the decree from Sheikh Mohammed, in 2008, the island was contracted to Sorouh Real Estate together with the 40 percent co-owner, Mubadala Development Company (Sorouh, 2011). Under the two companies, the development on the island was decided to be of low-rise structures except for the Lulu Island Iconic Tower. By the end of 2009, the Detailed Master Plan for the project was under refinement for the forthcoming approval in 2010. As such, the scope of the report will cover the construction development of the Lulu Island Project. 3. 0 Work Completed Other than the main construction works, several initial works on the Island have been completed. Firstly, land reclamation for the island was completed in the year 2005 alongside marine works, which were completed in mid 2007. Additionally, infrastructural works such as water, sewerage, power, roads and communication network were completed by the end of 2007 giving way for key plans for mega-constructions. The Lulu Island Access Bridge is an example of completed works, which was constructed as a 4-lane dual carriageway and completed by 23 October 2010. Since the award of the contract to Sorouh and Mubadala, in 2008, the detailed master plan for Lulu Island has been completed and submitted for approval in November 2009 by the Urban Planning Council (Sorouh, 2011). 4. 0 Current Work Apart from the pending works, there are several construction activities currently going on in Lulu Island. This include light rail transit connection, dune parks, community parks and other open space and landscaping works for the already completed phases of the development. Also, residential structures and villas are still being constructed to accommodate the increasing number of people in the region. Besides that, there are other small design works that are being modified by selected architects in order to meet the design requirements for the city. 5. 0 Planned Work Lulu Island Project still has several construction works to be completed in the coming future. According to the designers, the project will be completed in 15 stages rather than singly as initially stated; however, this will vary depending on the market demands (Sorouh, 2011). The planned works include the massive low-rise structures to cover nearly 30 percent of the land in the area. This will ensure that the environment has adequate and unique open space. In these stages, several apartments including 67 villas, 10 hotels, connection bridges, tunnels and final landscaping work. On completion, these facilities will support a population of nearly 33, 000 people. 6. 0 Conclusions During the process of data collection, I have not met several challenges that would jeopardize the process. In particular, the information received and handed to you about the development stages of this island are valid and can be used in making effective judgments in the future. As such, you are welcome to go through the report and forward any questions to me where you need clarification. In conclusion, I expect that the final report will be compiled earlier than I expected as valuable details are already coming. Reference Sorouh. (2011). Lulu Island. Retrieved December 7, 2011 from the Sorouh Website: http://www. sorouh. com/en/project/projects/master-developments/lulu-island