Love and friendship essay sample

We all have been faced with the highs and lows of love and friendship one time or another in our lives. Love and friendship can bring you a life full of happiness or a life full of sadness, there’re many aspects to love and friendship. Love and friendship can be like a beautiful garden of flowers you really don’t have the words to describe the beauty. As you get closer, you will discover it comes with hidden thorns and thistles called covetousness, enviousness, resentment, and the green-eyed monster all of these decreases your love and friendship. We can argue love and friendship is what makes us compassionate, and love and friendship brings us together and creates happy memories. Love and friendship covers a multitude of faults it’s the glue that keeps family and friends together, even though the love of many wax cold. Additionally, you may ask the question is your friend for real? (Macron, 2008, p. 44-45). .

Love and Friendship covers a multiple of faults. It’s the glue that keeps family and friends together, even though the love of many waxes cold. When one thinks about friendship, this is a very difficult thing to explain. When you find true friendship this is a relationship, you want to treasure.

True friends are those that stick with you through thick and thin no matter what these are the people you can count on a consistence basis. These are the people you can always depend on to encourage and help you through the storms of life. Now a real friend is the person you can call in the middle of the night when you’re upset and need someone to talk with at any time.

There are some pros and cons to friendship because of the different types of bonds such as business friendship, casual friendship, spiritual friendship, intimate friendship. Friends come in all shapes; sizes; gender and however you choose to place them know that this is a mere concept friend are people who you chose to share your life.

There are different types of friendships that help us grow and explore the different needs in our lives each association gives us something unique and add something special to our experience. There are times we have joy and happiness and other times heartache and pain.

Conclusion Paragraph

When we have true love and friendship it’s without reservations or conditions, this is love at its purest form. Love and friendship has many pros and cons and sometimes it can be a love and hate relationship. Love is a gift from God if not used properly it’s taken away. If we remember, we must display the love of the almighty with open eyes and always with an encouraging hand. At times, it can be difficult to love and remain calm there’re many victories and defeats along the way. It’s important to look at the choices and obligations we made concerning love and friendship. Each of us learns from the past about unconditional love and forgiveness. It can be a complicated process in releasing your pain. Love and friendship are the glue that keeps things together.