Look- look case essay sample

  1. What is Look-Look offering businesses that traditional market research firms cannot offer?

Look-Look Company was founded in 1994 by Sharon Lee and Dee Dee Gordon.  The company aims at advocating for the youths voice on line.  The founders believe that the youth have potential that has been ignored.  The founders have created a community website where the youth share their interests.  The community is made up of journalists, photographers, trend setters and even graphic designers.  The organization markets various products basing on the youth’s point of view.

The company enables the youth to share their ideas.  The youth market the ideas through their voice and not data.  The company offers a wide variety of products which are advertised by the youth.  Education, dress codes, cultural activities are all provided by the website.  The site helps consumers obtain products that will match their personalities, goals and career.  As a result, products provision is based on the client’s point of view.  The company has information that the traditional research companies can not offer since it provides depth.  The web provides instant messaging through music and photos.   This has been made effective by hosting sites like my space.

  1. Describe the role of the Internet in youth trend spotting. Do you think a research firm can accurately forecast youth trends without an on line component to the research plan?

The youth always want products to fit their careers, lifestyle, goals and peers.  Since the inception of Internet, most youth run to the Internet for information (Evans, 2008, pp. 16).  The youth will always want to be on point.  The Internet offers diverse solutions to their questions since it is prompt.  In the case of look-look Company, teenagers run to the website to download the latest music trends and styles.  The consumer has ease to get information through the Internet.  The website provides people with ideas, opinions and advice from diverse people.

  1. Go to Look-Look’s Web site athttp://www. look-look. comand check out some of the free information in each category. How accurate do you find the information? Have you seen any of these trends in your city or region, or among your friends and classmates?

The data base of Look-Look Company has wide concepts.  The site has recent information on music, celebrity lifestyle and pop-culture.  It is evident from the site that the youth get their dressing codes and lifestyle from the site (Evans, 2008, pp. 12).  The site has provided a community on line where the youth air out their ideas vocally.

The site has their photographers, journalists and editors who disseminate information to the mass audience.  You can find information on any genre on the site.  Shopping, music, healthy diets and even dating links can be found on the site.

In conclusion, the site offers a wide range of products that other sites do not offer.  The most important fact is that they have included the youth in the provision of information.  This has made look- look better than other research organizations.

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