Living abroad

What has been the most difficult experience for you while living in the united state? I think living abroad is an experience that you’ll have never forget, it doesn’t matter if your doing good or your doing bad, i’d like to add that in life normally we are going to have tough times in which we normally to confront in in it. I think that we don’t have the privilege of choosing if we give up or fail even if it looks like we do not have a way to get out, we have to persist. In that hard time is when we have to show our interest of not failing. My mother used to say to say, ” Son when you feel that you can not do anymore, take a moment and think about what you are doing even if it’s bad or good , after doing that pray to God for guidance, and keep going don’t look back always look forward look to the future”, I have done that , when i confront my tough times. And i have to say thanks to God because it has been working for me. Living in this country has been hard, and you may ask why? first at all, this was my first time being separated from my family, you can imagine a boy just getting out from high school, what can he expect from life. I didn’t know what to do, but i always had in my mind that after finishing high school, i would not stay at home any longer, i wanted to start my own life getting my own experience and the only way that i could do that is by moving away from my family, it crossed my mind the hard_______that this would be but when the time come. I just did it. When i arrived to this country i didn’t have any idea how this country worked to be honest i never had the idea before how the world works, i’ve heard some ideas before but nothing in specific, because the only thing that i have done in my entire life was to study follow instructions from my parents and my teachers when i realized that i didn’t have them anymore, i did not what should i do?> I always asked myself, how am i going to be living separated from mu family and having nobody tell you what to do. That was kind of hard too. Then i realized that we are always going to have people telling what to do, we can not escape from peoples advice and peoples orders. O f course the language, the difference of cultures the changing weather, living by my own having no relatives with whom i can count on were others factors that i thank to God i could confront by my self because i’ve learned that i have to put all my effort in the things that i want.