Linux case study

Users can download it or free while proprietary software, like Microsoft, charges the user a fee to use. Linux is considered the largest collaborative project in history. 2) Should Microsoft consider Linux a threat? Why or why not? Yes, Microsoft should consider Linux a threat. Even though Microsoft continues to innovate, Linux has the power of worldwide programmers behind it. Businesses and governments are quickly switching to Linux for many reasons and if this trend continues, Microsoft could be left behind. ) How is open source software a potential trend shaping organizations? More and more, organizations are competing on a global scale. They need agile systems to keep up with ever changing business needs. Open source software is considered reliable, scalable and is extremely secure. It provides companies with an agile system that helps them respond to quickly changing customer needs and offers a competitive edge. The code is continuously improving and as issues arise, they are corrected quickly. 4) How can you use Linux as an emergingtechnologyto gain a competitive advantage?

Many companies today are slow to utilize new technology due to cost oradversityto change. Just as consumer products undergo continuous improvement, so must business systems. It’s easy for a competitor to gain a competitive advantage if a company doesn’t upgrade systems and keep current. My employer is a company that is slow to change technology. They do extended due diligence to the point of beating a dead horse. By the time they decide to implement, new technology comes along and the process starts all over again.

It’s 2012 and they have FINALLY decided to implement ERP. A team was comprised and they are slowly working on how to best implement it. By the time it’s actually up and running, something else will probably be ” state of the art”. 5) Research the Internet and discover potential ways that open source software might revolutionize business in the future. As businesses and governments become more transparent and accountable, open source software allows them almost total control over every day operations (www. Reveres. Com).