Life of leonardo da vinci

Like his vast variety of themes and genres, he used a different medium for his artistic works. However, no matter which medium he uses, the quality of work remains the same. He used oil paints, pen, tempera, etc. on walls, paper, poplar and gesso proving that art is not reliant on a single medium. The sfumato technique admired me the most. Leonardo’s expertise in this technique gave lifelong charm to his artistic works. It creates a smoky or cloudy look which may not be incorporated in other artists’ work that well (Leonardo & Goldscheider, 1959 pp. 173-177).
The most important thing is the reputation and overwhelming distinction given to Leonardo’s work. Mona Lisa is one of the first art works that appear in people’s mind when they think about art. Having heard about Leonardo’s artistic abilities, I chose writing on his art work. His placement of objects, color choices, expertise of giving prominence to one object and making less prominent the other, his ideas and knowledge of color art provides a deeper insight of his work. His art cannot be categorized in purely impressionism, art nouveau or any other. The distinct qualities of his works can be identified by simply analyzing two extremely different pieces of his art like ‘ Vitruvian Man’ and ‘ last supper’.