Life of girl without makeup

What would be the life of women without makeup? As I am speaking on this topic today most of you will think I’ll start of with a funny mockery and make you laugh, I’m afraid I wont! I won’t follow the same track! For us beauty works like a drug, and many of us are addicted. The evidence is everywhere and ironically, it is not pretty. Beauty has rewards in our society. Big ones! Society tells women that their beauty is ever- loving important. Put on your make-up, quickly hide your true face with this doll face!

It teach them to hate their face and hate their skin to look at all the other girls and omen around them in school, while walking on streets, while working in office and on TV and in ads and teach them to feel like they are monstrosity in comparison. So with the pressures of living up to maternal or domestic ideals, with the oppression of the existing culture of beauty women are forced, they are compelled to ware concealed and foundation and powder on their face, and lie to them selves about what they really look like Now what if they don’t wear any makeup for a change what if they do whatever they want with their faces . Ill we accept them, will we look at hem, talk about them be nice to them as we used to be when they wore makeup NO! We wont! They’ll I be punished by our ideology that is using attitudes , economic pressure, and even legal Judgments regarding their appearance to undermine them psychologically and politically So that is the reason why… It’s not a matter to laugh at, we laugh when they wear makeup; we laugh and tell them they are ugly when they don’t!

So we should Just stop telling women that they should find themselves beautiful and that they should love themselves when we are standing right here judging them on how they may look without makeup, ready to laugh at their appearance I think it’s time for us to realize that instead of telling them to find their inner beauty we should be working hard on not forcing them to follow this oppressed trend, these double standard set by men who expect beauty, yet Judge and belittle women for trying to achieve it, is a glaring hypocrisy.

Due to undeniable pressure from the media, many women believe their beauty is related to their makeup. With makeup related to beauty, and beauty linked to success and opportunity, a woman’s choice to wear makeup in this context becomes more than Just a whim, and should be respected