Life growing up

Growing up, my parents were always working.

My oldest sister Jackie was the one who took care of me all my life; she fed me, burped me, and changed my diapers. She pretty much raised me all the way up until sixth grade. When I was in sixth grade Jackie had just had a baby girl. She was beautiful; I remember waiting hours at the hospital for the baby to pop out. When the baby arrived, the room was filled with joy and happiness for her. A year later she had another baby but this time it was a boy, we were all very excited.

A couple months later she and her boyfriend had to leave to another state. I probably only got to see my nephew a couple of times before they left. I was disappointed that they had to leave because I knew that I wasn’t going to see them again for a long time. Jackie’s boyfriend was in a bad situation at the time so they had to leave. Her boyfriend would not allow her to have any type of contact with her family without him listening to it. He would listen in on our conversations because he is controlling and manipulative.

I remember one day he had messaged me onFacebooktalking crap about my family and everyone thought that it was Jackie because he logged in using her name and when he messaged me, I told my family because years have passed already without us hearing from her. Jackie’s boyfriend likes to mess with your head, he’s a compulsive liar. At the end of March this year he had posted on facebook that my sister was pregnant again, when it was all just a huge lie. My sister didn’t even know that he had done this, but when she found out she was really angry and fed up with all the nonsense he’s feeding into everyone’s heads. So little did my family and I know was that Jackie and her kids were coming to Chicago to visit.

When she arrived she had told me everything that happened in her life while she was away. For example: she told me about everything her boyfriend forced her to say and do, even though most of it was illegal. So when she got here I had a feeling that something was going on, especially for her to come after nine years of being With her boyfriend and us not knowing where she was or if she was even safe. Jackie had told me that she had found another guy and plans on leaving the guy she was with. “ Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets” (Unknown).

I was happy for her to finally leave him because I knew that she could do better and that the guy she was with didn’t deserve her. Well my sister is now currently still trying to figure out how it’s going to work out between them and the kids; also she is left with so many legal problems because of her Ex-boyfriend. she said that she doesn’t care about the legal problems as long as she can get support with her kids, while him still being somewhat out of her life. This just shows me many of the mistakes that could happen after one dumb decision you make. Also going through all this growing up, it made me a lot stronger emotionally also it taught me to expect the unexpected, because there are so many obstacles in life that we all have to overcome.