Level diploma for children and young peoples workforce

Levels diploma for children and young peoples workforce BY tarsal 2345 SSH 31 : Promotecommunicationinhealthsocial care or childcare and young people’s setting. 1. 1 Identify the different reasons people communicate The people communicate with each other and the varied methods of communication; how communication affects individuals and groups. Communication not only affects the professionals but the children and the relationships between the various people linked to the work place setting. People communicate with each other on a regular basis.

This is a key skill acquired room birth, a skill dominant in humanity since the beginning of time. It is a vital survival skill acquired learned enhanced and practiced to make perfect. The most basic of which is speech and body language. Communication is a tool with which we exercise our influence on others bring about changes in society, in ourselves, In our attitude and in ourenvironment. Through communication we can motivate the people around us and can establish and maintain relationships. Communications make up a major part of our daily active life; and are a social requirement to mingle via communication.

It Is a social activity to verbally communicate, correspond by reading writing or even body language! Communication Is the giving and receiving of information. Communication Is not specific to methods which speech Is relayed such as writing or reading but It Is refined by caste, culture, andeducation. When people live in/belong to a certain society or caste or have similar educative backgrounds. This contributes to their mindset and behavior and leads to better understanding of each other and In cases of different mindsets- creates misunderstanding. In this case the attitude and understanding and background of the person with whom we

Interact with our communication skills would seem to be Imperfect and Ineffective. Some reasons of communication 0 To persuade 0 To provide and share Information/ knowledge 0 Ask questions 0 Express emotions 0 Maintain and promote good relationships that are affective In personal social and professional levels 0 Good flow of Information Ensure people know their roles and responsibilities Make sure rules and regulations are carried out Work together as a team Express wants and needs Negotiate and lease with others Interaction Avoid problems and misunderstandings place.

Love understanding sharing and caring for each other all build a better society, unity; the core of which is strong communication. In a work setting communication is very important as it is the strongest factor we have to build and develop a relationship between ourselves, the children, their parents and our co workers. By being an affective communicator it helps to promote and create a positive working environment.

In an establishment where we work as a team communication is important to keep up the group spirit, knowledge about what is happening whilst working with children It is vital to also communicate with other professionals as well such as Doctors nurse’s parents school teachers, social workers there co workers police men fire men etc So it is important that the rest of the team is communicated the information to as well 1. 2 Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting.

Information needs to be passed on to the relevant people keeping in mind the necessity of information to safeguard the internet of children and also protecting them and us as their Careers. I work on a need to know For example whilst I was out during school run time. My assistant was at home. I got a text from a parent that someone else would be coming one hour early than normal to pick up the child. Due to network issues I couldn’t call the assistant.

So had to call the parent to tell the person to wait till I got back as I needed to discuss something, alsocareerat home had no idea what was happening, thereafter that day I had a briefing with the parent that I will have to have at least twenty minutes notice before pick up, even if assistant is at home; As I may be out. They will have to wait until I return. Also I had to have a briefing with my assistant that should any of the parents knock on the door and they are unaware they must wait till I return as I may need to talk to the parents/ relay mom information etc.

In this way I kept my parents and assistants aware that we need to make sure things are in order. Otherwise things can go out of hand and I need to maintain safeguarding for everyone. I made sure I was clear and precise and to the point and made sure they all understood the importance of the instructions. I felt that as I was the main role leader I should communicate my wants and needs clearly so that the other people working under me will understand the rules and regulations. Also the set out rules and regulations need to be fair and Just- not biased.

So the relationship between co-workers will be a happy one and an easy environment where the environment in smooth. With clear understanding colleagues would support each other and this is very vital for a healthy setting. I felt that I kept a professional and friendly approach during my day. At times taking on Jobs where I felt the assistant needed more help made them realize that we are a team not a boss against their employee. In a work environment it is also important to have reviews from parents or co workers that will help improve the setting, so we can reflect on our reactive and take action to enhance it.

Another reason why it is important to convey information to one colleague to another is the fact that some children have allergies. Worker did not know about it or didn’t know how or why it is triggered, the child could be in danger. This affects the child’s safeguarding rights and proper training for this was required and full information needed to be shared to protect both the child and the career from a difficult and hazardous situation. If the co worker was absent/away they need to know if something new has happened to make sure they are up to date.

I held a session with the assistant, the parent and the nurse involved with the child’s treatment till date. And was given a full training session on how the practical parts of the allergy is dealt with. Observations are an important way to communicate information even for personal settings. Sometimes I am working alone. Doing paperwork helps to structure learninggoalsand objectives aiming for higher, knowing the child’s potential and aiming to develop any under developed areas.

If we communication with children and young people: we need some key skill to make our bobs and skills more competent 0 Being patient= having the ability to control our selves when there is trying situations 0 Listening skills= listen to and understand the child/Rene needs as much as possible 0 Remembering= names, personal preferences special things to them to make them feel like they belong and that this is a place where they are part of a smallfamily0 Body language = making sure our body language and posture is positive so the children can positively develop 0 Maintaining a good eye = when we talk to children make eye contact so they are aware that the conversation is for them and they are the individual it is aimed at 0 Sensitivity = using word carefully selected 0 Showing warmth love caring, understating, sincerity positive values of others etc 0 Safeguarding = making sure that all their physical and mental interests are always priority. Confidentiality = making sure we do not tell others about what is happening in our settings.

So children’s information is kept safe For example In my experience I found that sometimes information can be misinterpreted, such as one day I had arranged for a parent to come and meet me at the library, for a session where I would read with the children and she would also articulate with the children. As I had mentioned very briefly that I would be taking them to library A; but she had thought it was library B and went to a different library. However we resolved the issue as soon as I realized and I rerouted to the second library. Luckily there was a telephone conversation in which I had picked up from her that she was in library b and without putting any blame on either side met up at library b instead. Parent realized the misunderstanding and we made sure that in future we will be clear of exact venue as there are a few libraries nearby.