Let the great world spin critical thinking examples

“ Moreover, stories are told each changing with time, logic and grammar”. This quote means that a story is told differently each day due to the unique daily happenings. Additionally, the statement insinuates that the happenings are repetitive with none of them coming to an end. The only difference that arises is the hearts internal conflict. Diverse happenings of the heart show that stimulating actions can result to jubilation and recuperation through art.
“ Art of the tightrope walk” Stories as explained by Colum McCann forecast the changing eras of leadership in America. The tightrope walker’ intended fall sheds light on President Bush’ reign during which revenge took the place of justice. Metaphorically, the upside down walk showed that although all people walk on the rope, some are not aware of this phenomenon. The ordinary people walk on the rope up to one inch off the ground while the high class citizens walk on the heights.
“ The Bronx was burning and systems changing direction” By this time, the United States has been undergoing political transitions. Consequentially, systems were getting bankrupt and the Arpanet learning new methods of making attachments and mails. It was expected that governance would change during Barrack Obama’s era and many things would be done in a completely new way.
“ Courtroom Justice has double edged effects and is impulsive.” At the courtroom, the prostitute defends herself with the hope of being redeemed. On the other hand, the judge picks up the case and presents it in the opposite direction. By application of the law the case pulls the lady on either side after which she surrenders to the outcome. The conclusion is that life presents itself as a hanging rope that pulls on either side of everyone’s life.


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