Leadership concepts and their relationship to business commerce essay

The Business leader identified is Mr.

David Wikeepa Williams, the Director of RODA Ltd, NZ. He owns two Subway eating houses under the name of RODA Ltd. The interview was done through a telephone conversation. a ) . Five Leadership Concepts Behaviors Mr. Williams represents himself as a merriment loving individual who loves to express joy with his staff members.

He is a good communicator as he ever tries to fit the thought capableness of the hearer. His ability to pass on decently helps to indicate out issues. He set the SMART aims every month and motivates squad to accomplish it. All these points help him to make a positive environment and a great working relationship with staff members. He is Delegative and explains the responsibilities and duties of the staff members clearly. He is enthusiastic and passionate individual who loves to affect the squad into different procedures because squad members are the indispensable portion of the organisation. He provides equal chances to his employeesTraits He is really honorable and loyal.

He is determined to accomplish the ends by difficult work and assurance. He encourages the employees to be trusty by being the function theoretical account. He is ever ready to accept his errors and ready to better them. He is energetic and handles his duties good. He avoids progress judgements. He allows staff members to supply their feedback on about all the issues that relates to employees and organisation.

He is a goal-orientedSkills He is a great contriver and job convergent thinker. He plans strategically by maintaining the hereafter ends in head. He makes quality determinations with his cognition and experience. He knows that how he can implement the determinations efficaciously. He is besides really delegative.

He clearly understands that where he needs to supply control to others and when he have to revoke the powers. His interpersonal accomplishments help him to convey his message easy. Attitudes Mr. Williams is really inspirational personality. He inspires others by demoing the passion, enthusiasm. He spreads the personal and staff accomplishments and celebrates them to increase the morale.

His attitude of equality is really much inspirational as it provides motive among employees. He accepts the feedback and ready to better the state of affairs. He says that every individual must be optimistic and difficult working to make a positive environment. His “ Can Do ” attitude brings success for him. Cognition Mr. Williams is cognizant of the organisation ‘ s civilization. He observes and analyzes the accomplishments and behaviours of the staff members for farther betterments. He is ever ready to larn with assurance.

He knows the value of a good leader because the leader is the function theoretical account of the employees. He is a speedy scholar and can get the better of the bad state of affairss easy. Contemporary Developments He is a good scholar. He tries to larn from his errors. Whenever he comes to cognize about his errors he tries invariably to get the better of them.

His leading accomplishments are improved over clip. He motivates the employees invariably. Because of the great leading and work force, he got some large orders from the local concerns. One of his shops was in top 10 in 2011 for rapid gross revenues.

B ) . Comparison of Leadership Concepts BehaviorsThe most desirable features of a leader include equity, genuineness, good communicating, positive attitude etc. The leading features of Mr. Williams are really much same as what is needed for the effectual leading. His leading qualities are rather similar to a good leader. He understands the function of the leader in organisation.

He knows that the leader is the function theoretical account for the employees. Mr. Williams understands the state of affairs and ready to hike the morale of the staff members. He is just and trusty. His interpersonal accomplishments make him really effectual and efficient leader. His positive attitude toward employees removes the obstructions between them. TraitsThe most desirable traits of a leader include positive outlooks, trust, focused and consequence oriented.

Mr. Williams is really much stopping point to these qualities. He is airy and sees his work force as an plus for the long tally. His positive outlooks conveying his stakeholder near to him. He has really influential personality which makes him strong in determination devising. His positive personality helps to turn good relationships. His traits are really much shut to the good leaders and he is really much effectual in his leading manner. SkillsLeadership accomplishments are really much needed to run any organisation efficaciously.

The coveted leading accomplishments include dedication, creativeness, communicating, sense of wit etc. Mr. Williams is really much skillful in leading accomplishments which makes him effectual leader. His conceptual accomplishments help him really much to run the concern expeditiously. These sorts of accomplishments are considered to be the most desirable features of any effectual leader. AttitudesThe cardinal attitudes for effectual and efficient leading include positiveness, humbleness, love and fondness, empathy and compassion, open-mindedness etc. These attitudes are most desirable in concern environment.

The positive attitude of the leader opens the door of success. The attitude of Mr. Williams is rather similar with the most effectual leader. He is really open-minded and loving individual. He shows his fondness toward employees and takes attention of them.

His professional attitude is up to the criterions which makes him an efficient leader. CognitionEffective leading features besides include the cognition construct of the leading. Knowledge could be of anything like concern country, growing, strengths, failings, chance and menaces. Mr. Williams is rather adaptable. His behavioral accomplishments help him to derive cognition about the needed countries and learn rapidly. He is airy and can see the long term benefits.

He holds the full cognition of his field. Contemporary DevelopmentsMr. Williams is really adept and knowing. He handles ambiguity decently and provides better solutions. He is really passionate about the concern. One of his shops was selected in top 10 in New Zealand last twelvemonth in 2011 for rapid gross revenues in nutrient industry.

Although he is a really good leader but he is continuously learning and bettering his leading accomplishments where needed. 2. a ) . Levels of direction There are three degrees of direction in RODA Ltd. These are explained below: Top Level Management: This degree of direction consists of David Wikeepa Williams as the Director of the organisation. He deals with all the disposal and defines policies, processs for the organisation. The manner of leading is Participative or Democratic.

Middle Level Management: This Level of Management by and large consists of Shop Directors. RODA Ltd. owns two shops and they have two different directors. They make the policies and do the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours disposal occupations for their several shops. The manner is a mixture of Participative and Delegative leading. Lower degree Management: This degree usually consists of Assistant Managers, Team Leaders and supervisors. They are closest to the production line in the shops.

They describe the occupations to new employees, monitor the staff members and supply solutions for jobs. They besides have the Democratic manner. The good leaders use all the leading styles on different state of affairss as a mixture. Here in this state of affairs, the leading manner used is more democratic and participative. There is really less grade of autocratic manner.

As the leader of the organisation is really friendly and democratic, he loves to distribute that manner in his organisation. B ) . Contrast the current thought The leading Style at RODA Ltd is Democratic/Participative.

This leading manner is the most popular because this includes the engagement of staff members in determination devising procedure. If the staff members are involved in the determination doing stage so they performs good with less supervising. This besides increases their morale and assurance. The employees are really experient and convey in a batch of cognition as they are specialized in what they do.

There experience could assist in doing better determinations for future betterments.