Leadership at google

The paper ” Leadership at Google” is a worthy example of a business assignment. Google is the world’s most sought-after search engine. It is used the world over by millions of people on a daily basis. Its mission is to make available the world’s segregated information accessible to all and sundry. Google’s founders are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. These two gentlemen developed a new method through which online searches across the globe could be made easy and accessible. It is undoubtedly the world’s largest search engine at the moment and the credit for the same goes on the shoulders of its founders. The single most fascinating aspect of this search mechanism is that it produces results and that too quite accurate in literally a fraction of a second. Google has a number of laurels of which it can be proud of, and Larry Page and Sergey Brin must be proud of what they have given to the world through their visionary thinking. Both Page and Brin consciously focused on making the employees give in their very best and to develop a Google culture which had no parallels in the past. Even today, the Google fraternity is considered ‘ different’ in their approach to work, lifestyle and other facets of life as well. These employees have remained steadfast in their approach, emphasized a great deal on inquiring things which are new for them and so on – eventually the result has come about in the form of creativity from the Google employees. These people have manifested unique new products, coming from the domains of Google and thus these undertakings have made Google such a huge name in online computing and business realms.