Leadership and performance in the workplace paper

After an intensive and exclusively first hand observation of the affairs at Woody Veneer Factory it is concluded that the company is undergoing severe crisis in terms of professionalism and productivity. Strict and punitively professional measures are needed to be taken at the earliest.
Need for code of conduct.
The first and foremost action and strategy that needs to be devised pertains to the inducting of professionalism and work ethics. More punitive and clearly defined code of conduct needs to be established. The currently existent code of conduct appears to be obsolete and serves little value towards the challenges faced.
Top management role and responsibility:
The top management can be largely blamed for the shambolic state of affairs that is on display. Their presence of either little influence or is little feared, as a result such events of inconsistency and non professionalism are on display.
Theory incorporation:
Given the fact that managers are taken for granted, possible authoritative management styles need to be incorporated into the company rules and activities (Jossey-Bass, 2012).
Role of board of governors:
The Board of governors has got their work cut out in terms of making bold decisions. It is high time before the performance and overall standing of the company falls further down.
Furthermore, there is a need for consistent audit incorporation which will allow for assessing the performance of individuals against their tasks. Based on the audits, promotion and demotion might be incorporated into the company practices.
The aforementioned suggestions and observations are believed to hold the possible solution to the problems faced.
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