Leadership and management in the educational setting

The paper ” Leadership and Management in the Educational Setting” is a great example of an essay on management. The purpose of this study was to underscore and compare leadership and management in the educational setting. It specifically sought to establish any significant difference between school headship leadership and management. It also underscored the relationship between leadership and management and whether a school headteacher can assume both roles comfortably. Recent academic literature has focused on the differences between leadership and management. This paper demonstrated what those differences are and whether there are clearly defined boundaries between the two with an exploration of whether the Head Teacher in a given school would be better described as being a leader or a manager. National and regional educational departments in Saudi Arabia have focused on improving teaching standards and provide a competitive edge for its graduates by ensuring standards have been adhered to and that students have learned and tested through examinations, their understanding of the curriculum. Leadership and management have not been the priority of major stakeholders in the education sector who feel that the excellence of the school lies in the leadership styles of the head. This study invoked comprehensive research into the leadership and management variables, which is a vast knowledge and learning experience for the researcher and readers. In Saudi Arabia, education is supervised by Supreme Committee for Educational Policy. A ten-year policy plan (1425-1435) by the ministry of education adopted goals to promote and sustain education equitably. However, the Saudi Arabian education system has been critiqued for promoting religious bigotry and focusing on teaching religious history at the expense of technical and education skills for private sector needs. Most universities in the country have begun teaching courses on policy management and managing people. They include quality and performance management, education and law, leading and managing people, and management and leadership. In the nutshell, the study focused on teaching inspiration like vision, commitment, team building, and change management. Areas of motivation, performance monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, communication, and results-driven leadership were considered. These factors helped to obtain a conclusion of the findings since the results indicated that the Headteacher while being an outstanding leader is not a performing manager. Hence he or she hires a School manager to implement the roles of a school manager. The study also evoked the relationship between management and leadership as being intertwined and should be possessed by the same person.