Kohlberg’s theory of moral development – explained and illustrated

Should the husband break into the laboratory to steal the drug for his wife? The husband should not break into the laboratory to steal the drug for his wife because based on Kohlberg’s stage one of obedience he should not steal the medicine because he would be put in prison, which would mean he is a bad person. Also based upon stage four law-and-order he should not steal the medicine because the law prohibits stealing, making it illegal.

Lastly based upon Stage six universal human ethics should not steal the medicine, because others may need the medicine just as badly, and their lives are equally significant. Even though I think her husband should not steal the drug I still would because I think my spouse’s life is more significant than a prison sentence. 2. Should Brown report what he saw? Brown should report what he saw because his duty is to protect and make sure all laws are being abided by his duty is not to determine whether a crime is ethical or not. If police officers let personal friendships, opinions, and biases get in the way of their jobs there would be a lot of criminals on the streets and people in jails that have done lesser crimes which is happening today. Stage four on law-and-order explains illegal actions should be punishable. 3.

Should the judge sentence the husband to prison? I think the judge should sentence the husband to prison if there are no other options available as far as counseling, probation, and other alternatives for prison. The judge should consider if the man is a threat to society and make his decision based upon that. In stage six universal human ethics, the judge could think or consider saving a human life is a more fundamental value than the property rights of another person.