Kimberly it was one of the happiest days

Kimberly Q ZhengEnglishBravo 16, January, 2014                                                                   This I Believe   At age 16, my parents suddenly told me that we are all moving to the United States and I only had 20 days to pack. There was no option of saying no and I was forced to leave everything I had behind, including my school life and my friends. Personally, I truly believe that having a relationship can help improve the satisfaction in life and make us feel better. During this hard times in my life,  I realized that I can’t truly be happy without having anyone close to me. I learned that having a relationship can help me enjoy life to the fullest. October 1, 2015 was the day when I first met my best friend and it was one of the happiest days of my life.

Being in a relationship with someone can change the way you view things improve your way of thinking and often, in a good relationship, it will make you feel satisfied. When I moved from Hong Kong to San Francisco during freshman year, I was depressed and I felt like I was alone. Being at school everyday with people I didn’t know was such a torture for me and I felt like nothing would be able to make me happy since I missed my old “ home” so much. It wasn’t until I met my best friend during Math class where she sit next to me and talk to me everyday and trying to help me out when I don`t understand.

After a while, we became closer and our relationship started blooming. She was there for me even on my bad days and she made my day better every time i saw her. As time went by, our friendship grew stronger but it also made me take her for granted. I did not realized this until when we had our first fight and we didn’t talk for nearly a month. It made me realize that how boring and sad life can be when there isn’t someone who is there for you.

Not having someone to bring you food when you are hungry and trying their best to fulfill your needs since they care about you is the worst feeling ever. During that month, life felt empty and meaningless. The different relationships I have with my family, friends and also my significant other have brought happiness and made life worth living. Having a relationships with others can make you happy and every moment you spend with them makes you, you. This is why I believe that surrounding yourself with people you love and having healthy relationships will not only satisfy you, but also brighten your life.

Sometimes in life, we tend to take other people for granted, especially people who are important to us and we often regret it after we lose them. I discover that as being a human, we need love and care from others in order to make us feel satisfy. This is what I believe in.