Kids arn’t doing anything!

Cedar Springs, MI – Students attending Cedar Springs High School are saying that they don’t have to do the work that is presented to them. “ Avoiding work in high school will only increase my will to do the work in college,” said a Cedar Springs senior. Parents and teachers agree; not only does avoiding work in high school give them the drive they will need in the future, it provides them with the tools and skills they need to be successful in life.

For example procrastination, lack of dedication towards a goal, low self-esteem, knowing that it is okay to have bad grades, and, let’s not forget, the it’s ok to screw up motto. With all the extra time that students gain not doing their school work, they can pick up on the activities that really matter in life. For example playing video games and texting their friends late into the evening. Or maybe even the occasional skipping a day of school because there are always more days to go to school. Social skills would then sky rocket due to all the conversation that is taking place, a long with a well-developed personality. It is common knowledge that after high school, nothing else is expected of graduates.

If they choose to go to college, their grades of course will have no factor as to what college they go to. Normally they judge the applicant by who they are as a person, not by their transcripts. “ But, hey, who really needs to go to college right?” said a Cedar Springs junior that obviously has no plans to further his education. Also it was hinted that going to work right out of high school would in turn generate more money than waiting until your college education is done. Overall teens understand that life will only get easier after high school, and no hard work and dedication is needed to be successful.