Key resources and key activities essay sample

As a matter of fact every business model requires Key Resources. These resources allow us to create and offer Value Proposition –(___), match customers’ expectations, build and maintain relationships with Customer Segments and , of course, earn revenue. Our business model is based on physical, financial and human key resources. 1. Physical

Regardless of the availability of large space and using modern techniques, our major asset is bar inventory which is the crucial component of running a successful bar . However, most people even don’t do inventory that cause about 23% of shrinkage in the industry. To overcome this situation we will use unprecedented app “ Partender” that will help to make an exhaustive analysis of our alcohol and cigarettes supplies. Most objective advantages: constant availability of all types of alcohol for our customers, no cheating and hence no cheap selling because of checking number of bottles, theirs volume and so on. 2. Human

To make our bar more attractive for customers we will employ experienced workers with high level of salaries as well as encourage good workers through bonuses. Our target is to build close relationship with people and make them part of our place; we will also try to be attentive to all their wants and needs. In fact, we will make barriers to teenagers under 18 if they want to buy alcohol drinks. 3. Financial

The main goal of the financial aspect is making process of payment as easy as possible, it means the using of modern payment system with short loadings. It goes without saying that we will offer sales for students along with “ free-days” for ladies. Our price policy will not be high, however high quality causes high price. We will implement most common marketing leverages such as higher prices on popular drinks in conjunction with sales on them or artificially increase demand of unclaimed alcohol. Key Activities

Key activities describe the most important things company has to do to make its business model. They are based on three items: Production, Problem solving and Platform. 1. Production
It is apparently, good quality of alcohol and food as well as great services and convenient inventory. Our superior value is to make feel that you are in right place.

2. Problem solving
Our main problem is to create great trustworthy brand for everyone. How can we make this? Through dialog with our customers, we will make co-operation with them.

3. Platform
One of the most sophisticated problems is making useful and well-rounded platform. We want to make bar of the new generation with all modern facilities that will force people to come time after time. That’s why our main feature will be based on close cooperation with all kinds of social networks. According to our business model, “ if you want to be on top of your field keep open mind”.