Journal on find out your worldview quiz essay sample

A worldview is simply a blueprint, a pattern, or a guide to how we, as humans, see the world and interpret our lives. A Christian worldview has the same premise but sees God as the Alpha and the Omega. Our whole sense of being is based upon the belief in the Holy Trinity and we were created by God in his image. We are here on this earth to promote his love and good deeds through our actions and our beliefs. The flags in the “ Story of the Bible”; Creation, Fall and the Covenants are important to us as Christians because of their historical and spiritual value. We believe God is our Creator and the Book of Genesis tells us how the earth was made and why there is man and woman as masters of this world. The Fall is just as important as it details why sin and death are introduced to this world and why we will need redemption to be restored into God’s good graces. Finally, the Covenants are our reassurance of God’s responsibility and dedication to us, his beloved followers.

He promises us life after death and the Glory of Heaven. The common thread throughout these flags are the continued reminder He is in charge and, much like a parent, love and cherish us but with a stern hand. The analogy of God/mankind to parent/child is an accurate interpretation of my view of life in comparison to a Christian worldview. I certainly do not assume, as parents, we are anywhere equal to God in his role of the Father of Jesus. However, I see us being born, developing as a child and being initiated to new rules and experiences. As we grow, our parents give us guidance and become role-models in our lives. We continue to meet all types of people, experience love, sadness, death and elation. And, as we start to enter the final chapters of our lives, we reflect and prepare for the beginning of a new life.

Before taking the quiz regarding my worldview, I was fairly confident the end result would be the label of Christian. During the process, I was beginning to feel the stirrings of unrest; “ these questions are not so straight-forward”, “ there has to be another answer choice!” Ultimately, I was given the label of atheist. Cue the silence, listen for the pin drop. I do not agree at all with the label. In fact, it caused me to re-evaluate some of my answers and research other choices for my beliefs. What I found was a sharing or blending of ideas/beliefs that strongly resembled that of Deism. Because it is a sharing or blending of beliefs, I cannot give myself the official stamp of being Deistic. According to the World Union of Deists, their definition for a modern society is, “ Deism is the recognition of a universal creative force greater than that demonstrated by mankind, supported by personal observation of laws and designs in nature and the universe, perpetuated and validated by the innate ability of human reason coupled with the rejection of claims made by individuals and organized religions of having received special divine revelation.” (Deism. com, 2009)

In other words, I believe in God and that he gave us the power to reason and to make our own decisions in life. On the flipside, I believe in the words of the Bible and that Jesus is the Son of God and died for our sins. Obviously, there is much blending of religion and spirituality on varying levels occurring in my life. Analyzing my worldview is reflective of the way I approach many facets of my life. I do not belong to one political group but share values and traits of varied sides. My job description is not a black/white model; I tend to add other tasks because of my interests in all aspects of teaching. However, while I have reveled in these adaptations, there is a feeling of discontent to find it applies to my spirituality as well. I feel I have strayed from the beliefs I was raised on and am now uncomfortable with my current position of wanting the best of all worlds. What this quiz has taught me is to return to my original teachings in life regarding my value system and retrace some valuable steps to find where I veered from the path of Christianity.