Job fair report sample

I recently attended the job fair held at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I went there with an open mind since I did not have a particular job that I was so much impressed in. I wanted to use the chance just as an eye opener for the opportunities that I could be looking forward to after my education. I must admit that it was a really fulfilling time activity.
I got to the Wal-Mart section and I could not help but marvel at the innovativeness and creativity of the business ideas they had. This was quite inspiring of an individual who would like to make a name in the business world. Other sections that I visited included Sam’s Club, San Jose Police Department, and the Wynn Las Vegas and the Encore Hotel. In all these sections, I learnt a lot about incubation of business ideas and nurturing it into a reality. I got the idea that it does not matter where one starts or with what he starts. All that matters is the extent to which the individual intends to go in order to realize the dream. Most of the companies presented started as a simple dream that an individual had, only that this individual sought to develop it further.
In my fascination, I approached one of the representatives from Wal Mart and asked what it felt like to work in such a successful store. “ It is good to know that you work in a set-up where the people’s needs are met,” he answered. He went on to explain that real satisfaction and pride from a job not only came from the financial gains associated with it. Rather, it is also a function of the extent to which one impacts the lives of others. I left the trade fair with one great realization; as I look for a job, I should not only be motivated by my needs. Rather, I should think how such a position can make me of use to the entire community.