Introduction and outline on ;measles outbreak in america

Introduction and Outline-Measles Outbreak in America Introduction The detection and presence of measles in America took everyone by surprise. For a disease that was supposed to be eradicated over a decade or so ago, the presence of measles in America’s population is quite disheartening. The lack of vaccination has been identified as the reason why this disease is making a comeback in America’s populations. The reasons for or against vaccination have been provided by all the parties involved, but it is still an issue that is being discussed among the American public. Vaccination has been the reason why the disease was at bay, and the controversy behind its effects is the main reason opponents shun the idea of vaccination against measles. This is an outline of some of the major areas in the research paper, Measles Outbreak in America.
Reasons for Vaccination- These are identified as some of the main reasons why American parents should have their children vaccinated against measles, which also aids in taking care of mumps and rubella. It is a highly contagious disease, and for that reason, individuals must be vaccinated against it to prevent a pandemic from happening.
Reasons against Vaccination- These surround the highly controversial issues that try to insinuate that the vaccine for measles is slowly giving American children other ailments, for example; autism. This is the biggest challenge when it comes to the vaccination process, where the public is ignorant of what is meant to benefit the entire population, and is slowing the process of eradicating this disease.
Factors leading to the differences of opinion- Different research studies that indicate the MMR vaccine is harmful may be among the top reasons why the vaccine is under so much scrutiny. The lack of information also plays a herculean role in reducing the knowledge-base of most Americans when it comes to measles and the vaccine meant to protect the population against it.
Recommendations- By identifying what needs to be done in terms of sensitization, the American public can be made aware of what is crucial for their survival, and those of their children. Measles is a killer disease and a high number of most cases can be solved if only the public was educated on the subject of vaccination. The health sector may have its work cut out for them, especially when the population is not aware that what they think is right may actually kill them in the end.
Conclusion- Assuming that measles is non-existent does not make it so. People are being infected with this disease, because they chose to assume it was eradicated. It is a highly communicable disease, which when left unmonitored, could affect a high number of individuals in America. Every individual has a responsibility to their society, and that is to ensure they are not responsible for the spread of this disease.
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