Interview questions assignment

Interview questions About myself I am an undergraduate at the Arizona W. P. Carey School of Business, undertaking Bachelor of commerce. I am an intrinsically motivated individual who is dynamic and a fast learner. I prefer operations at individual level but easily integrate into groups for collective responsibilities. My competence extends to leadership potentials and communication skills. Even though I lack work experience in accountancy, I am well informed of the work environment.
Reasons why you should hire me
Several reasons exist that justify my position as the best candidate you should hire. My academic background is the main reason as I have gained significant knowledge for practice in the profession. Hiring me at this stage of my study will also mould me into the organization’s culture, as I develop my career while in the organization. An experienced person, having experienced many organizational cultures, may find it difficult to change into the company’s environment, a challenge that I do not face. I also offer the company leadership potentials that will help in empowering and motivating employees. Being a dynamic person and a fast learner, I can play many roles in the organization and shall therefore save it the burden of employing many people for specialized roles.
My greatest weakness
My greatest weakness is my orientation to results. I always focus on achieving expected results in my environments, whether the results are my responsibility or that of a peer. This means overworking and sometimes stepping into other people’s mandates. The weakness has two major adverse consequences by I often manage them. One of the consequences is overworking to burnout but I normally take a rest when I experience fatigue. Another adverse consequence is conflict with peer when I move in to help in their roles. Though I often explain my intentions before engagement, there is sometimes lack of time for explanations and some people have accused me of taking advantage of their responsibility to seek recognition. This has however never been the case.
Example of a time of successful communication with a difficult person
An example of a time of successful communication with a difficult person involved a conflict with a classmate. He was known for his arrogance and lack of rationale that often involved him in violence, especially when he was under drugs. We were on an informal discussion about a news article that divided public opinion and he rose against my opinion. He quickly got emotional and people feared a fight. I had to either walk away to avoid a violent encounter or to confront him and let him know that his behavior was not right. I stood still and waited for him to express his emotions, without interjections. He realized that everyone was calm and then he calmed too. I then asked him the reason for raised temper and when he could not respond, I counseled him of the disadvantages and irrationality in his behavior. He realized that every other person supported me on his behavior, apologized, and agreed to change. The communication was successful because he understood his mistake and changed his course.
A situation when I placed myself in a leadership position
I was a member of a youth group that aimed at awareness creation against peer pressure and drug abuse, and at improving youths’ interest in higher education. Even though the group had a leadership, it lacked passion in pursuing its objectives and I felt the need to motivate members and the leadership. I took the initiative of conducting research and proposing activities and sources of finance for the projects and of convincing the members into the ideas. The group found my proposals viable, supported them, and created a committee for program development and implementation. Members of the group then appointed me to lead the committee that succeeded in reducing drug abuse among youths in the area. I however assumed the leadership when I felt the need to motivate the group.