Interpersonal relationship and paragraph order

A paragraph by analogy compares two different things on the basis of their similarities in certain aspects. This kind of paragraph development premises its explanation on the familiar or known, so that the logical order (from the familiar to the unfamiliar) is presumed to be the best paragraph order. Falling in love is like skydiving. Skydiving is a risk because you are never 100% certain that you will survive the fall. Likewise, falling in love is also a risk because you never know if your love will survive.

As you fall out of an airplane, your adrenalin is pumping, your stomach is in knots and your heart is pounding in your chest. In love you also feel this sense of euphoria and excitement. But like in skydiving, love does not come without its challenges. You must learn to lose control and rely on your partner for help and personal growth. In skydiving you are dependent on the parachute; without it you will dye. In love you are dependent on your partner and must take your partner’s needs into consideration. In skydiving, your first experience determines your love or loathing for the sport.

After the first jump, a person is enticed by the sport or else fearful and hesitant to try another jump. So we can argue that in love, a person’s first experience in love can also determine how they approach future relationships. If a person has a warm first love experience, they will be open and willing to engage in other relationships. If, however, the person is badly hurt and burnt so greatly by their first relationship, they will be very hesitant to enter in a subsequent relationship. What are Analogies? An expression of similarity between two unlikethings.

They are most commonly used to explainsomething unknown in terms of somethingknownAn analogy is also a comparison which showsthat if two things are alike in one way, they canbe alike in others. Writing Paragraphs withAnalogies? When explaining difficult concepts, usesomething with which the reader is likely to befamiliar and compare it to the concept inquestion. ? Be sure you know enough about both to be ableto carry the comparison out. ? There must be some similarity between the tworelationships. ? Do not try to stretch an analogy too far.