Internship at passaic court house

The reason as to why I enjoy doing this is to analyze how the court interprets the law, therefore gaining an understanding on how the criminal justice system in the United States of America operates. One of the jobs that I don’t enjoy doing is collecting fines, fees, and forfeitures from convicted individuals. On this note, while carrying out my duties, I always work on the interesting things first. This is for the purposes of motivating me and improving my morale so as I may work effectively on the uninteresting job that lies ahead.

These interesting jobs are easy for me to handle, this is because I enjoy doing them. On this note, the first tasks accomplished during my work rounds are the easier tasks. However, during the process of my duties, there are always urgent matters and important matters (Carroll, 18). For instance, a magistrate might request for a filed case law for purposes of relying on it to make a decision.

This falls under the category of an important matter. An example of an urgent situation is when there remain some few minutes to the closing of government offices, and yet a suspect wants to pay fine in order to gain his or her freedom. Failure to pay at the moment might result to him or her spending some another day in prison.

This is an urgent matter, and as an intern clerk, I would work on the urgent matter first and then concentrate on the important matter because there is sufficient time to handle the issue. Regarding on an important matter, there is no need of waiting for the deadline to approach before working on the issue (Carroll, 13). For instance, as soon as a magistrate requires a file on a previous judgment, it is my duty to look for the file and give it out as soon as possible. This will save me time, and allow me to engage on other duties. On this note, the best way to manage my time is to start by working on the interesting tasks, and thereafter move to tasks that are quite a challenge to me.

Despite enjoying my internship, the most stressful part of it is when I am dealing with suspects in the area of receiving fines from them. This is because suspect most of the time use abusive language, and are not patient enough to be served one person at a time. To manage stress, I exercise a lot. I walk while going home, and at 5 in the morning, I make some morning runs for purposes of relieving my brain. The best way of students at Berkeley University to manage stress in such a challenging environment is for them to engage in sports activities. Engaging in an exercise has an effect of releasing the pent up energy an individual accumulated in the process of carrying out a challenging task.