Informative speech outline analysis

General Purpose: I am giving this speech because this topic is very important to me and I want you to know about it as well. Specific Purpose: I am going to be informing my audience about Rachel’s Challenge in hopes of sharing Rachel’s story. I. Introduction 1. In the year 1999, a tragedy at Columbine High school occurred. This is what help start Rachel’s Challenge. 2. Bullyingnever leads to good out comes. Rachel’s story is proof of that. 3. Today I am here to inform you about Rachel’s Challenge, Rachel’s story, and what bullying can lead to.

First I am going to inform you about Rachel’s challenge and what it is exactly. II. Body A. Rachel’s Challenge 1. 160, 000 students don’t go to school because they are bullied, teased, and harassed each day. Rachel’s Challenge is helping create safer and better learning environments and making a world wide impact because Rachel’sfamilydecided to make the Columbine High School tragedy a mission for a change. 2. Rachel’s Challenge isn’t just meant to create change in schools around the world, it is to create change in businesses as well. It is to help create anenvironmentof kindness, compassion, and safety.

This is all according to www. rachelschallenge. org. 3. Now that I have told you about Rachel’s Challenge,… …I will now inform you about Rachel’s story. B. Rachel’s Story 1. According to Craig Scott, a man I saw tell Rachel’s story, Rachel was the middle of five kids, but she handled that pretty well. She was very social and never passed up a sleep over at a friend’s house, a school event, or playing a board game with her family. Rachel loved being around people, it energized her. Her parents said that she could light up a room with her presence.

She lovedmusicand photography as well. Rachel wasn’t worried about anything besides her profile. When she was 5, she fell on the side walk and broke her nose. The accident left a bump on the bridge of her nose which made her worry that people were staring at it when they spoke to her. 2. Rachel was very kind. She always felt sympathy for those who were less fortunate than she was. She tried to reach out to people who had social, mental, and/or physical handicaps. She was a kind girl, and she learned the power of compliments and acts of kindness at an early age.

This is all according to www. rachelschallenge. org. 3. Now that I have told you about Rachel’s Challenge and Rachel’s story,… …I will now inform you what bullying can lead to. C. What Bullying can Lead to 1. As I said before, bullying never leads to good outcomes. It can do horrible things to people. According to wiki. answers. com, when I asked the answer “ What bullying can do to a person,” they said that bullying can lead a person intodepression, and eventually that depression that a person is driven into will make them feel like they hate their life.

Also according to wiki. answers. com, a person who already feels like they hate their life will feel the need to commitsuicidewhen what they should really do is go to someone. 2. So many deaths are caused by the person’s own hand because of bullying. This is why Rachel’s Challenge was started. III. Conclusion A. Now that you know what Rachel’s Challenge is, Rachel’s story, and what bullying can lead to, I hope you will follow Rachel in bringing kindness and compassion to the world. Works Cited www. rachelschallenge. org Wiki. answers. com Craig Scott