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Memo to All in the MNSU in the MNSU ShalanALshammari, MNSU Science Club Secretary November 4, 2014
Subject: Science Congress
It has come to our attention that very many students perform poorly in the science subjects. This is as a result of poor learning criteria enhanced by our mentality about science subjects. Majority of us associate science subjects with some academic demands that are beyond the scope. For instance, it is evident that the majority of the students do consider science subjects as the subjects of the bright few. This perception has not only led to few students pursuing science-related careers but also reduced the level of innovativeness among students. In our school, only 2, 000 students have graduated with the degrees related to science since 2008. This number is insignificant when you compare it with the number of graduates from our institution. For instance, it is evident that over 10, 000 students graduated in the year 2013. Summing up all the students that have graduated since 2008 and then relating with the 2000 students with degrees in careers related with science will make you understand the impact of producing insignificant number of scientists.
Our current world is changing every day from bad to worse. This is as results of technological changes that have contributed to the pollution as well as depletion of factors that hold the universe together. Majority of the world misuse cases are as a result of lack of awareness. Very few people know how to relate the daily occurrences with scientific reactions. For instance, very few people understand the impact of carbon dioxide to the ozone layer. Telling people that the carbon dioxide results to ozone layer depletion without explaining to them how it happens beats logic. We need to be in a position to explain some incidents in the universe by aid of evidence. It is as a result of this that we are holding a gland Science Congress meeting in our school. The poster that you will receive is designed in a very a unique way in order to grasp your attention. The title of the poster is in large fonts as well as bright colors so that you can see from a distance along expound what the whole poster entails. The designs of other writings within the poster are meant to grasp your attention as well as convey the message concerning the title of the poster. The venue in which the Science Congress event will take place is written in large and bold fonts so that you can read it easily. The picture at the bottom and left side of the poster is of our guest of honor. Majority of you know Professor Lac Wal and others I think you have heard of him. Those who do not know him will also have a chance of interacting with him that day. I am very certain that in going through this poster you will have a reason to attend the Science Congress.
The posters will be passed in your respective classes during evening classes. Those who carry their evening studies from their respective hostels will also receive the posters; they will be passed in your rooms. You are welcome all.
Thank you for your time!
All the best
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