In memoriam: the creative brief

In Memoriam: The Creative Brief? In Memoriam: The Creative Brief The creative brief has been an important part of the creative process in disciplines such as marketing, design, and communication. The creative brief ideally details out the client’s requirements that is critical to the successful execution of the project. Additionally, the creative brief is closely related to a particular brand’s strategy. It contains the key deliverables which helps guide the designers and marketers to meet the stated objectives. However, the creative brief – as a document – has become unwanted due to changes in technology and communication. The emergence of electronic channels and the expansion of communication methods have changed the marketing and advertising landscape. Hence, the creative brief is on the verge of death as many clients and advertising agencies are shifting towards more productive ways of reaching their targets. These include an open discussion with the clients so as to generate greater ideas. Hence, the trends have shifted to demand more involvement from the clients so that input is provided regarded the business problem. The discussion of ideas is then used in order to produce the creative output. Therefore, the focus has shifted more towards the client’s requirements unlike before. This has reduced the purpose of a creative brief produced by the marketers.
The creative brief has therefore lost its value as the content has become redundant. The creative brief has lost its purpose as it is becoming extremely shortened and undetailed. Often the focus is on deliverables and deadlines than a productive contribution towards the strategic and idea collection process. Now with advancement in communication technology, the creative brief does not have to involve much detail which is why many client companies are skipping details to include only the essential requirements. Hence, creative briefs are becoming unimportant as co-creation is replacing the single sided job that often resulted in mismanagement of projects.
The needs of clients are also changing and so is technology. There is greater availability of information due to internet and web search as a result of which creative briefs no longer have to be as articulate. The requirements of man clients have also changed and creative briefs will soon become a thing of the past. Instead what will replace creative briefs are pitch documents and problem statements that will inform the marketers in a better way thereby resulting in an improvement in project execution. In closing, creative briefs are becoming dead.