Important rules for visitors

Visitors performing special tasks in addition to the above, must present ” height permission” and complete personal protective equipment. Badges must be worn all time of their visit. All visitors must be registered Into the violators management software system which Is operated by the front entrance receptionist. The software records each visitor’s name and company affiliation, as well as the purpose and duration of their visit.

It is not allowed to take photos the visitors to installations without prior authorization of plant protection guard; in case of getting permission from him/her, this person deeds to valid the nature for which they need to perform these actively. Visitors may not have access to confidential documents, nor the company electronic devices, nor can access to the company intranet or making use of it with their own cell phones, laptops, pads or any electronic device. They should require key visitor with a special surname to use this service during their Stay. Visitors must be accompanied whole time by the employee who they will visit.

Employees should be informed to take good care of their badge and never to lend their badge to anyone. They must report a lost or stolen badge to security immediately. 10. – Physical Access Controls, Deliveries (Including mail). Proper vendor ID and/orphotoIdentification must be presented for documentation purposes upon arrival by all vendors. Arriving packages and mail should be periodically screened before being disseminated. All personnel of a company performing deliveries must be identified with a gaffe which must have a photo, name and company’s name where they came from.

Deliveries must be made during office hours, which Is before pm from Monday to signature of receipt. This ensures that the company received it, and is not responsible for any claim. Deliveries must be in the appropriate direction, the person to whom it is directed such delivery or otherwise the company should assign a representative from each department for receiving packages, mails, etc. Allen Del Norte, AS De Coupled require a copy of the packet data or document, which must contain the company’s name, date to which it is addressed and the dealer’s name, in order to avoid actions of fraud.

Delivery persons must present ID upon arrival. There must be written and verifiable procedures in place for the challenging and removal of unauthorized/unidentified persons. Employees in all positions and levels must be trained in these procedures. 1 1 . – Physical Access Controls, Challenging and Removing Unauthorized Persons. Procedures must be in place to identify, challenge and address unauthorized/ unidentified persons. The badges are programmed to grant access or not to people who are unauthorized to enter because not everybody can see the information handled there, even if they belong to the same company.

A report should be written for each incident and corrective action must be addressed. Part of controlling the access concerns of keeping strangers from the building at midnight. But it also includes making sure that people entering during working hours have authorization and need to be in certain areas. Sometimes areas must still be monitored to protect from internal sabotage or theft. All areas in the company must be monitored by security cameras inside and outside. It may be desirable to monitor who goes into a critical area, as well as what the person is doing there.

Even an apparently trusted employee may do mischief or even accidentally cause harm to the company. Some monitoring may be to record access, while other monitoring may be to keep track of what the person is doing in an area. At the entrance of the company, there is a security gate which regulates the entry and exit of employees, which must be authorized or in the absence of it, to have any authorization of the Plant Protection Department. All vehicles entering the premise should be logged. The security guard should stop each vehicle to verify that there is a valid business repose.

Application information, such as employment history and references must be verified prior to employment. Allen del Norte, S. A. De C. V. Must perform a Pre- Employment Verification in order to know information about the professional preparation of the individuals before hiring them and also an entailed list of where and when they worked, the Jobs they held and how much the employees earned. Employment history verification assures employers of having all the experience and qualifications listed on the candidates resume. School Records Workers’ Compensation Records