Impact of video games on student gpa and study habits

Impacts of video games on GPA and study habits Number Introduction Video games are increasinglybecoming part of today’s social life. The growth of technology and video games raises the issue of its bad impacts on learners’ general point average (GPA) in school. This paper will examine the general impacts of video games on student GPA and study habits.
Research Questions
Do video games have any effects on learning?
How do video games affect GPA?
Are there cross-gender variations?
What are the solutions?
Video games teach children to behave the same way the characters they see do, especially because they have too young brains to make proper decision and separate the play from learning.
Purpose Statement and Rationale
This study seeks to collect information about developmental results and cross-gender differences in playing video games. The findings will improve a teacher’s response to children behavior, social, and brain development for better GPA. The results will also improve good parenting.
The Topics
The results of video games on learning behavior
How video games affect GPA
Are there differences in the learning results of video games across gender?
Impacts and solutions to video gaming among school going children
Review Methodology
The researcher will conduct a survey on the impact of video games on GPA. The survey will provide primary outcomes for the area of study.
Expected Findings and Implications
Video games are likely to make the children more anti-social and thus prevent effective learning. The resulting punishment of the cases and absenteeism would lower their GPA.
According to Diamong and Sauer (2014) video games have no effect on GPAs. Specifically Math and Reading performance remain unaffected among adolescents. On their part, Mifsud, Vella and Camilleri (2013) cited mixed outcomes on learner literacy. Blumberg et al (2013) noted the lack of findings on the effects of violent video games on GPA prevents an informed position on the issue. In light of these balanced findings, common thing is that proper instruction could control any negative impacts of video games on GPA.
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