I have a dream case study examples

I Have A Dream
Watching the video March on Washington made the fight for equality in 1963 seem more awe-inspiring. Martin Luther King’s speech, when I read it seemed a little too political and really focused more on the history of discrimination on the black people. Seeing the people march and sing almost in perfect unison sends a message that the American people really wanted change, and they did something about it. Take note that in the video, it was clear that not only the Negros were fighting for their cause but there were also white people who fought alongside them. I mean, it’s wonderful already to know that there were white americans starting to open up and accepting the black African americans as the same human beings as them, but to think that they even marched with them was just inspiring.
Either way, if people were to view the March on Washington or simply read Martin Luther King’s essay, I believe it would have the same effect. It is already given that people were fighting for equality at that time and they were successful in doing so. Looking more closely into both forms (the video and the transcribed speech), we become more informed about the history of everything through the speech and given an inspiring conclusion by viewing the YouTube video and the events during that day in 1963. But, you always see people ranting about how we need to fight for equality, but rarely do you see it happening with your own eyes, and March to Washington definitely did that for me. That made the definition of unity and equality very clear to me.

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