Hypothesis concerning holocaust presented by david cole

The revisionist stance on holocaust has been to revise its very credibility as a genuine process of loss for Jews, Poles, Romas and countless other ethnicities. Most revisionists try to undermine the facts supporting the holocaust by visiting them and then decrying them using sketchy forms of evidence. David Cole’s approach to dealing with the holocaust is similar to many other revisionists. Once these people were unable to support themselves for basic daily tasks it was simple for them to be classified as unwanted. These unwanted people were subsequently subjected to gas chambers after which their bodies were burnt.

David Cole like other revisionists tries to underpin this major truth by presenting evidence that can hardly be used to stake any claim. In most other cases, Cole is presenting refutations of evidence presented to support the holocaust theory. The absence of mass graves could result simply from the fact that the bodies were burned in order to dispose of them efficiently. These burnt corpses served as excellent fertiliser and there was no need to bury them or to be concerned of diseases spreading from rotting corpses. The unaccounted-for souls in the Second World War were not only Jews, Poles or other races but human beings first and foremost.