“Hurt” by Christina Aguilera Review


Have you ever heard of Christina Maria Aguilera, who has won five Grammy Awards and got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Even if you have, the outline will tell you much more about this incredible person and her memorable pieces of musical art.

The speech will cover Christina’s brief background, the meaning of the splendid “Hurt,” and the reasons to consider this song as the best. The sources such as Biography and the official Christina Aguilera’s accounts are credible enough to provide objective and firsthand information.


Christina Aguilera was born in New York, and when she was just a kid, she won several local talent shows. There is no doubt, Aguilera inherited “a deep love of music” from her mother, who was “an experienced violinist and pianist” (“Christina Aguilera – Hurt” par. 3). Lately, “Aguilera made her film debut in the musical Burlesque,” starring in the picture (“Christina Aguilera – Hurt” par. 5). What is more, Aguilera has recently served as a mentor and coach on the The Voice, which is a singing competition show.

The Hurt’s story is transparent because the title itself lifts the mystery from the lyrics’ theme. Magnificent voices express the feelings of pain, guilt, and sorrow at a loved one’s loss. The words immerse a listener into a tragic atmosphere, then softly fade away again, leaving in stunned silence. Although the song Hurt does not fit big production to make money and is not the typical pop radio playlist, it affected people’s hearts and became extremely popular.

Now, it is essential to prove why this song is the most touching for me. Firstly, in the beginning of the song, a quiet and lonely piano sets the dramatic mood of the whole song (Aguilera). Secondly, Christina’s vocal is rich, powerful, and full of emotions; therefore, it promotes to reflect on the deep meaning of the lyrics. Finally, it is easily rememberable regardless of whether an individual has been touched by such pain or not.


In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that the American singer’s biography has been discussed in this outline, unfolding the Hurt’s message and explaining my positive attitude toward the song as well.

Moreover, the significance of Christina Aguilera’s creative work has been detected.

Thus, I hope that her personality and aptitude for writing decent music will encourage you to watch more musical clips of her and think them over.

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