Human resource management personal statement example

Working in a team is both interesting and challenging. In some cases, some employees perform more than others in a group. While team rewards are important, it is necessary to recognise individual effort. There should be a system of evaluating each employee’s contribution to the team. An effective way of doing this is by making leadership rotational, and rewarding performance. Non- monetary rewards are quite useful in this instance.
Employees today are paid base on a number of factors. While performance is an important factor in this form of consideration, the qualifications of an employee also play an important role. In fact, basic salaries are dependent on qualification. Outstanding performance can be recognised using non- monetary and monetary benefits. Therefore, both qualification and performance are a determining factor when it comes to payment.
There have been instances where a performance evaluation system is flawed. One such instance happened recently when analysing the performance of an employee. The said employee worked in the public relations department. The supervisor wanted to use the traditional manager evaluation system to analyse the performance of this individual. According to me, this was not an effective method because it was impossible to see the outcome. This form of evaluation would not offer an all round evaluation that would have been effective in this instance. I believe that there is a better way of evaluating such an employee. A good method of evaluation would have been the multisource method. Here, the manager will require feedback from all departments and factions of the company. This is because the public relations sector affects all the other departments. Furthermore, this is an effective way of collecting extensive information on an employee.