Human resource management organized labor today

Topic: Human Resource Management ” Organized Labor Today” Identify three key historical events that have shaped the current (since 2000) labor-management landscape
Labor unions: Labor unions have played a role in the management of human resource. They have pressurized the changing of and removal of hazardous working conditions. Since 2000, they have been powerful, and their issues have been heard and taken care of by the government and other concern institutions.
Labor laws: Review of labor laws from time to time has help in shaping of labor management landscape. It has given labor unions power and increased the importance and role of human resource managers in an organization. This has facilitated the treatment of employees fairly and in a human manner.
Programs improvement: Improvement of HRM programs that were put in place to recruit, train, regulates compliance and dismissal of employees. For instance; they have also changed the workforce values, which require the managers to implement and adapt organizational structures to a new generation of employees with a positive attitude about authority and conformity.
Describe the potential effects upon union cooperation if management shares information openly.
• Sharing of information results to better decision making, hence best performance.
• Sharing brings about better understanding of each other.
• Sharing facilitates exchange of ideas which they may decide to merge.
• Sharing of information and knowledge results to many alternatives.
• Facilitates sharing of resources thus reducing operation cost
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