Hum assignment

He did not believe anyone could prove existence of God. Voltaire was envisioned in Pastille prison in 171 7 to 1718 because, he iterated persons whom he served. He was also envisioned in 1 726 in England for the same offense. In his novel he shows examples of how he did so. Attacking religious prejudices when they falsely accused persons. In a sense he teased religion because, he thought they were corrupt. He shows that religion would be better without a specific leader.

Once in Loaded there was nothing wrong, everyone was excited. Although religion was still very much important, there was not a specific person to control the people. Everyone was an equal. Voltaire went through plenty of trials and tribulations during his journey, He name across so much hatred because of his beliefs. No matter how difficult or rough things seemed for him, something meaningful came from it. He was brought up around Christian beliefs and views, from ages ten until seventeen.

He attended ” The Jesuit College go Louis Lee-Grandee”. This is when he started to reject his Christian views. Unsure of his reasons, can only assume he believed is was unnatural. In the novel ” Candied” there is a surprise ending. Voltaire learned how to be optimistic rather than a pessimist. He learned how to rationalize. He states ” tend to the small things that we can do well- thus keeping total pessimism at ay- and leave the world at large to keep on its incompetent, evil, and even horrific way. (Chapter 25, Pig 81 7)I believehe is saying try not to look at the negative all the time and be optimistic. One person can not change the world. Even though there are negative things seen everywhere, everyday. Look on the brighter side. I realized this in the ended of the story. I believed the author Was very successful at convincing me because, throughout the novel his image was portrayed, as someone who can careless about what persons think of him. He is stays stern to his views.