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Reply Steven Creasey Dear Steven, through your response, it seems that you have studied the concept of degenerative spiral in depth. It is obvious that you have good knowledge of the psychological concept at hand. It also seems understandable through your discussion that both the husband and wife in the movie went through the destructive pattern of diminishing communication, which is the basic theme of degenerative spiral. However, I see that there are not enough good examples. I like one example that you gave about the lack of communication between the husband and wife, but there is no example which relates to the husband’s efforts in making the tie better. However, it is still very obvious that you have grasp over the subject matter at hand. One more thing, you have also not given detail of what efforts he did in making the bond better. Please reflect on, in your mind, what steps he took that made the tie closer to God first and then to his wife.
Reply 2: Roshonda Chapman
Dear Roshonda, you have given a great start of the paragraph by telling what the movie is all about. I see that you have not included any of the significant psychological concepts that the writer might have used, for example, the degenerative spiral. It was an important concept that needed discussion on your part. However, you still made quite a good effort in explaining the problems between the husband and wife, and the efforts that the former did to convince the latter of his love. I really like the concept that we want to hear what we want to, regardless of the facts. This is really a dilemma in relationships. I also liked that you emphasized upon the importance of communication, and the barriers that the couple faced. However, you need to make great effort in learning how to punctuate your sentences in a proper manner. There are a lot of run-on sentences which makes it quite hard for the reader to grasp what you are trying to say. The ending is marvelous, which needs for a call of action through an emphasis upon effective communication within relationships.
Reply 3: Tracy Morris
Dear Morris, your text is great in its distribution of ideas and structure. However, you have given much time summarizing the story rather than pondering upon the psychological concepts that come in the second paragraph. Still, the concepts of verbal aggression and flat brain tango are awesome here, and relate properly to the relationship between the couple. I believe that verbal aggression is the worst kind of abuse that one can inflict upon the other, since the physical wound may heal but the wounds that words cause never heal. This way, verbal aggression becomes an important part of domestic abuse. Flat brain syndrome makes one try to prove the other wrong by whatever means, as your description suggests. And yes, the couple tried to hurt each other by proving each other wrong most of the time. The ending is awesome, with a quotation from Hosea. Your development of paragraph structure seems good enough.