How would you, as the manager of this company, deal with the risk associated with doing business in countries that feel threatened by american culture

No: Institute’s How would you, as the manager of this company, deal with the risk associatedwith doing business in countries that feel threatened by American culture?
While establishing a business in a foreign country, the manager is burdened with the responsibility to understand all the associated risks. In a country, where there is a threat of invasion of American culture, establishment of a business is quite risky. The risks involved are vulnerability of staff, human rights violation, financial instability, legal issues and so on (Shong 21-22). An establishment in a country threatened by American culture needs some good relation with the people of the country.
As the manager, the first and foremost task to handle any risk is to conduct a profound analysis beforehand in order to establish a business successfully. The extent of threat needs to be examined and this can also be measured whether the threat can be minimized or not. In addition to that, the people of the selected country can be appointed for working and teaching the staff the customs and culture of the country in order to establish friendly relations with the natives.
In my view, a dummy setup should be started in order to evaluate all the risks involved. Also, a small staff should be appointed including locals as well as Americans to assess their compatibility with each other. A humble and communicative attitude should be adopted in order to accommodate the natives. Relationships of the government with the host country should be evaluated in order to start a business (Shong 32).
So, to handle the risks involved in a country being threatened by American culture, the manager of the company has to evaluate the whole setup of starting a new business. Risks are needed to be identified and evaluated. Afterwards, planning should be there to facilitate the natives and minimize the threat felt by them.
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