How health care reform will benefit hispanic americans

Healthcare is a major issue in American society that is clearly discussed by media, politicians, individuals, and businesses. In order to observe these trends, the US Department of Health Services has established an agency known as the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. In essence, this report was an “ eye-opener” because it revealed some significant information about ethnic disparities that plague our society. For example, the Agency’s research showed that geography plays a critical role in healthcare disparities. This finding can be perfectly illustrated in this example where the agency revealed that patients of lower socioeconomic status will be less likely to receive essential diabetic service and thus will be more inclined to suffer from diabetes. In another case, the study revealed that Hispanics are less likely to receive adequate care when hospitalized for myocardial infarction. In essence, the study proved that racial and ethnic minorities are less likely to receive substantial treatment for any risk factors, which plays a vital role in their life span. Clearly, this information can be vital to eliminate the gap in order to provide better services for all ethnic groups.
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as improved by the recently passed reconciliation bill will greatly enhance the quality of healthcare amongst ethnicities. A recent poll showed that only 41. 9% of Hispanics are insured before this act was enacted. However, this act enables Hispanic Americans to purchase coverage who are insured. In addition, Medicaid will cover all adults with incomes up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level, which is a dramatic growth. This act also facilitated the hospitalization process for African Americans since 3, 000, 000 had access in 2009 compared to only 45% of the population in 2004. Without a doubt, this act will continue to serve as a prototype for other legislation to decrease the disparities between ethnic groups.
Clearly, the report shows premium quality health care is not yet a universal reality. Undoubtedly, Opportunities for preventive care are frequently missed and hence individuals suffer. It will be a challenge to enhance conditions and progress will be slow, but together the quality of healthcare can be drastically improved for the liberty and justice for all.