How do you plan to use your engineering degree to benefit society essay examples

Question: university

Since the beginning of days the humanity seeks improvement and evolvement. Therefore, day by day science makes our lives easier and the world a better place to live at. Different branches of science work for different purposes, on one hand we have philosophy, psychology, astronomy- the ones that serve for discovering new facts and concepts about the universe and ourselves, on the other hand there are sciences like chemistry or engineering, which are aimed to make the contribution to the everyday life of the ordinary people and to the growth of the human civilization.
Engineering has always been my passion and I would like to dedicate my life to its development and prosperity. Nowadays technology is everywhere: cars, cell phones, automated manufacturing, etc. Comparing current levels of the technology with the ones we had fifty years ago shows a great progress, but there is still much space to grow. Advancement of technology has no limits.
My lifelong dream is a foundation of a university, as the love I have for engineering doesn’t just show in my love for studying; I want to make a contribution to the amelioration of technology. I believe that a university will be a great input to science and society. Firstly I will be able to work with other scientists who share my affection for engineering; secondly it will create an opportunity for the youth to develop themselves in this field. They will be kept inspired and motivated, in order to go out and make a difference.