Home cooking: the barriers of poverty and middle class blinders

Home Cooking: The Barriers of Poverty and Middle Blinders Home Cooking: The Barriers of Poverty and Middle BlindersIn “ Joy of Cooking”, the author has highlighted what cooking entails and how people can make sure they cook delicious and tasty meals. From the debates, it is evident that, in some cultures, cooking is an activity enjoyed by the entire community. People are more concerned about the connections and strengthening of relationships when cooking rather than the nutritional value of the food cooked (Sergew, 2014). Based on cultural beliefs, people have the chance to come together and interact at a social level when they cook together. There are some larger issues happening in both the study and the debates. The issues relates to the creation of bonds when people are cooking together. In the first debate, one of the debaters says that it is from their kitchen where the family talks. The debater also says that they enjoyed spending time in the kitchen with the mother more than cooking delicious meals, which she learnt how to cook (Goodall, 2014).
The debaters missed something in their discussion of the joy of cooking study. They did not discuss the importance of using the right ingredients when cooking. It is essential to ensure that a cooked meal is delicious and the appropriate recipe is followed. The joy of cooking should not necessarily be related to the social value derived from spending time together when preparing a meal. The quality of meals should also motivate someone to cook on a regular basis (Rombauer and Becker, 1975). The motivations of the debaters is to make the readers aware of the various ways in which it cooking can be explained. Moreover, the debaters want to portray that it is not only parents who can cook for their children as it was traditionally believed. In the absence of a parent, children can also cook and find the experience enjoyable.
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