Hiv and communicable diseases

of HIV AIDS- A Communicable Disease Schreibman and Friedland (2003) in their research article Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Prevention: Strategies for Clinicians claim that the spread of HIV AIDS, a communicable disease did brought a number of challenges for the international health institutions. But the fact remains that with the spread, came the prevention techniques which also got proliferated around the globe. In the contemporary health care practices, techniques for AIDS treatment have not just helped the foundation to be stronger but also develop a prevention society for AIDS patient.
The efforts that it takes to diagnose an individual with HIV and further its treatment are relatively higher for which a great deal of time is needed. It should be noted that there are a number of risk behaviors that are associate with the AIDS treatment. The authors have highlighted different kinds risk behaviors that is more likely to affect various developmental systems of the human body (Schreibman and Friedland).
Furthermore, the authors have noted that there is much assistance required for helping the health care practitioners to understand the treatment methods of AIDS. It is because there are different variations in behavior which may differ from gender to gender. There are a number of risks which are associated with the spread of AIDS which have also been studied by the authors. Victims of HIV AIDS are more likely to get affected by other STDs for which the body may not be able to develop soundly.
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