Heineken Case Study Task Mission ment “ Our mission is to be the leading beverage company globally, marketing high quality brands to deliver superior customer satisfaction in an environmentally friendly way”
SWOT analysis
The strength of the company is its recognizable brand, especially in European countries and America. Many beer drinkers have appreciated and esteemed the drink for more than 65 years in the market, furthering its marketability.
Weakness; the weakness of the Heineken company is caused by change of management from family management to external professional managers. The challenge they are likely to face is difficulty in altering the tradition way of managing the company that was used by the family members.
Heineken Company should use the opportunity of being at the top in the list of Breweries Company, to make huge profits.
Most youths perceive the beer as unexciting, and believe that it belongs to the old people. Hence, the company loses significant market of the youth who will be probably the future clients. The introduction of new brands of beer in the market poses a great threat to the company.
CORE Competencies of the Company
The main competencies of the company are their experience in the business, since it has been in the market for a long time. The company has innovative and intelligent management that uses opportunities fully.
Company Basic Objectives
The company’s basic objective is to maintain Heineken beer and brand to the top of the list as the favorite beer for the majority.
Company Basic Business Strategy
The company’s basic business strategy is to work closely with the customers and expand their brands widely.
Current Strategic Management Issues
The current strategic management issues that the company has to make consistence growth in marketing and selling of their beer globally.
Actions taken to address Issues
The actions to taken to address the issue are making advertisement in the market to get more customers. Heineken Company should improve the quality of the beer as per customers’ views. Another action to be taken by the company is to find new markets in other countries globally.
A lesson to be learnt in this case study is that it takes hard work and innovative minds to make a business perform exceptionally in the market.
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