Health concerns across a womans lifespan

While many sociologists argue that domestic violence is mainly a male- perpetrated issue, may others believe that women are as violent as men in intimate relationships. The issue of domestic violence especially against women is not new and infact the domestic violence movement is atleast 3 decades old. The movement has caught a lot of public awareness and has got many protective laws enacted. Many extensive network of services have been started to help the victims of domestic violence.
Any incident of threatening behavior, violence or abuse, of any form, between individuals who are, or have been, intimate partners or family members, or share a relationship, is known as domestic violence. The victims are usually women, children, elderly people, physically or mentally challenged persons and partners in a gay or lesbian relationship.
According to the 1998 Commonwealth fund survey, nearly 31% of American women report being abused by their partners at some point in their lives (Commonwealth fund, 1999). According to the ‘ National Violence Against Women’ survey (1995-96), about 25% of women reported sexual domestic violence at some time in their lives. In the year 2001, 85% of the victims of intimate partner violence were women (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2003). There was no difference in rates as far as social, racial, geographical or ethnic differences are concerned. Also, 50% of men who assaulted their wives also assaulted their children.
Domestic violence is a much sought after problem for over decades. Though many researchers argue that there are as many men who are battered as are women, there is enough evidence to prove that women are the main targets of domestic violence. Hence women must be given help to fight domestic violence and must be advised not to accept it a part of a family system.