Guriella marketing assignment

Despite years of growth ND success, Santa has faced numerous Issues which has ultimately damaged the Image of Santa. For example, continuous engine troubles Incidents one after another And failed publicity stunt on twitter made matters worst . BASIC ISSUES: 1) Repeatedly engine troubles incidents in a short time period I. E 4 months has questioned the reliability of Santa. Customers took it as management’s carelessness towards many lives who were traveling on it. 2)Failed publicity stunt.

Santa tried to improve its image which turned out to be negative for it and people took it as racist. )Strikes from union which caused sudden grounding of its entire fleet. 4)Lack of communication skills of top management. C) What future actions can Santa take to build a positive public perception of its brand? Justify your recommended actions ? NAS: Santa can go for following measures to change the publics perception: Proper and regular maintenance of engines or machinery, more technical staff , engineers etc needs to b hired.

Old staff should be trained well in order to mitigate these kind of serious incidents. Santa as nee of the most leading airline should replace the old air crafts with new one to avoid mishaps. In Santa luxury contest, public which was already being frustrated , started criticizing the company with their negative comments on their engine failures, union strikes etc. Instead of being embarrassed of their poor service, they thanked their users for entries which showed how poor their communication skills were which made people annoyed even more.

Labor disputes and union strikes has already caused airline to lost its share , top management should try to avoid these disputes ND In case if there any issue arises , negotiations should be made as soon as possible Instead of grounding Its entire fleet and letting competitors take Its place. D) Identify Important factors for an organization to consider when using social media, such as twitter, for contests or other public relation Annihilates? 1)Content should b appealing for customers. Customers are more Interested to those type of content which Is going to beneficial for them Instead of history and success story of organization.

Be prepared to provide useful, quality content that readers will appreciate 2) proper and active monitoring of users comments should be there. How views. 3)There should be a clear purpose of your social media campaign what you want to get out of it and how you intend to do so. 4)Content of a campaign should be real and good a sense which provokes public to comment on it. Try to offer them a product or service which is unique and has a value for them. 5)Target audience’s religious , cultural factors , norms and values should be considered minutely.