Guide towards creating a good paper template essay sample

What is an outline? It is a specific system that is used to organize your paper and provide all the information in a logical order. By means of the outline, you have the opportunity to understand whether your arguments introduced in the paper interconnect with one another. What is more, if you take some efforts to write the MLA format outline template, you will get the whole picture of the paper you have to write. There are several types of sample outlines that are frequently used by the modern students. They include the alphanumeric outlines, full sentence outlines, and decimal outlines. Each of them may be useful in creating a printable research paper. Let us imagine if you have to write your essay in MLA format. In this case, you will need to create the MLA outline template.

It is a well-known fact that, sometimes, having a good knowledge in a particular field is not enough to write an A+ essay or research paper. Firstly, you have to choose an interesting topic to start creating your paper outline template. Secondly, you should try to find some credible sources of information like, for instance, books, journal articles, and the other academic publications that can be used in your research paper outline. Thirdly, make sure that a thesis statement of your paper is clear and effective.

Key Elements of MLA Outline Template

First of all, it is recommended to use the alphanumeric outline format while creating the MLA paper outline. There are five key elements that should be included in the paper outline:


This section implies a general discussion of the paper’s topic. In the introductive part, it is important to prepare the readers’ to an effective thesis statement that is following key element of the MLA paper.

A thesis statement

In general, a thesis statement is regarded as the main purpose of an essay or a research paper. It should be clear and concise. In the most cases, this element of the paper is considered to be the last sentence in the introductive paper.

Main Body

It is highly recommended to use at least two specific points or arguments in this section. In addition, you may use some sub-points to describe each argument mentioned in the body paragraphs in details. Do not forget to support your ideas with a relevant evidence.


In this section, restate a thesis statement mentioned in the introduction. Then, summarize the main points of the paper.

Works Cited

List all the sources used in the paper.

How to create a paper outline template in Microsoft Office Word

  1. Click the Microsoft Office Word button and select the New Document.
  2. Try to adjust the paper’s styles and margins according to MLA format style that requires:
    1. the use of 1-inch margins on top and bottom sides of the blank document;
    2. the use of Times New Roman, 12 point size;
    3. double spacing;
    4. to place the page numbers in the upper right-hand corner;
    5. the Works Cited page.
  3. Insert the text of the completed sample MLA outline template into a Microsoft Office Word document and save the changes. Bingo! Your template is ready.
  4. Later, if you want to modify your template and start writing the essay outline, you have to open the saved word document and complete your college assignment.

Sample Outline in an MLA Paper