Group membership

Group Membership In my community, I generally belong to the Asian ethnic group of people. Specifically, I belong to the Filipino-Asian ethnic group. There are certain distinctions and impressions that Filipinos are given compared to other Asians. It is a standard for Filipinos to have the typical Asian character of being family oriented and tightly knit among clans. Filipinos are also known to be extremely friendly and hospitable to everyone. It is because of this trait that other people are very trusting of Filipinos. Filipinos would generally go out of their way to make others feel welcome and comfortable even at the expense of their own comfort zones.
Another group I feel associated with, although not entirely feel obliged to be part of, are those interested or is part of the military field. People from the military follow a strict discipline to the point that it is almost stereotyped. This is not always the case, however, that every soldier maintains such steady conduct. There are cases when soldiers or military enthusiasts are just merely power tripping bullies with authority or ego issues. The soldiers who keep true to their code of conduct, self-control, and patience are men who possess distinct traits that are above mere bravado.
Between the norms of these two different groups that I belong to, I follow the norms of the military group more than my ethnic group norms. The reason is that it holds more personal use for me with regard to having a strong self-conduct. The military group norm helps cover for my personal weaknesses in character. Being very hospitable and trusting of others is not inherently a terrible trait, but it is easy to be taken advantage of and be played the fool in the end.