Government and public policy to prevent bullying and improve educational environments admission essay examples

I have been fortunate to find a way to utilize my Master’s degree in Political Science from Rutgers University to benefit the lives of many students in Latin America. Every day I am fortunate to touch the lives of dozens of children throughout this continent and improve the quality of their lives. I have been able to take my education and my skills in working with the public, working with youth, and interacting with community leaders and implement anti-bullying programs throughout a large region. These programs have been successful, but I feel as if I could do even more if I received more education and enhanced my skill set further than I have in the past.
The Public Affairs and Policy program would be ideal because it is through working with policy that the most influential changes are made. In order for changes to be most effective, the policies need to be in place in order to support them. To be successful in creating new or changing ineffective policies, one has to understand the intricacies of public affairs. By advancing my studies in these two areas, I would be more effective in working with the public in creating and implementing even more anti-bullying programs and then have the knowledge of what is needed to take these actions and programs and make them into legal policies, thereby having them be more effective and enforceable.
The other part of my studies in the doctoral program would enhance my research skills, as this is a main part of earning a Ph. D. While I am completing my degree, I would be able to focus on designing and implementing at least one effective program to help students with their socio-emotional learning. I could help those who are bullied realize what powers they do have and what can be done to break the cycle. I can help them understand that although they are not at fault, they do not need to remain victims. I can also try to enable them to understand why bullies act the way they do and how they really are not as powerful as they appear to be. During my research, while working with school and neighborhood officials, I can assist them in understanding what the educational climate is and why bullying is occurring in that environment as well as draft a plan of action to help change the atmosphere and end the bullying from occurring in that community.
Bullying has become an issue that has captured national attention in recent years in the United States. The media has realized that it can be influential in how bullies are perceived as well as advocate for ending this torturous behavior in which a few people chose to act in a manner that is vindictive towards others. Some of the most popular celebrities and sports stars have come forward to share their stories about how they were bullied as children, hopefully helping to give the bullied a voice to speak up and find help. They will know that they are not alone.