Google challenges essay example

According to Management Study Guide (Para 1), motivating of employees is one of the challenges that organizations have to deal with. This is because it is not easy to measure the performance of employees or how their motivation can be estimated. With this regard, it is worth noting that Google is one of the companies that are highly rated and one that many people wish to work for (Google Para 1). This is because the company offers diverse opportunities and chances for growth for the employees. However, it so happens that there are some employees who quit working for the company (Arrington Para 1). This paper, therefore, seeks to look at the different challenges tat Google could be facing in motivation of its employees.
Arrington (Para 2) indicates that among the top reasons that demotivate Google employees is the disappointment faced by employees when the join the company. They come in expecting too much of opportunities and chances of growth. However, this is not often the case. On the contrary, they tend to find situations that are a bit lower than their expectations. This tends to wear down on many.
This reason is quite valid and is not only restricted to Google. On the contrary, this challenge is associated with other big companies. Nisen (Para 2) indicates that this challenge can be addressed in different ways. All that is needed is for the employer to make sure that the employees are not disappointed; they should find opportunities for career growth in the companies that they work for. If only Google could master this task, there is a very high possibility that the low rates of satisfaction by the employees could be greatly reduced.
Another challenge that Google has with its employees is its failure to match the remuneration with the work load of the employees (Arrington Para 3). There is much work pressure as the employees have to do quite a lot in order to meet the needs of the company. However, the pay is relatively low as compared to the pay that is offered by other organizations. One employee in particular regretted having resigned from Microsoft in order to work for Google. In the long run, the employee realized that he took the wrong bargain; but it was too late. From this perspective, it appears that Google has a big name and employees tend o over-expect form the company. When their expectations are not met, the employees tend to be highly demotivated.
This challenge is just as indicated by Nisen (Para 3) who argues that employees are very keen on the proportionality of the work they do and the remuneration received for the same. In case the two do not seem to rhyme, the employees tend to be demotivated. This is a problem that Google has had to deal with. There are other problems associated with motivating employees at Google. Among these include a long hiring process that often tends to frustrate potential employees as well as much bureaucracy, poor management, and lack of mentoring. Due to these problems, the employees tend to stagnate in their careers. This tends to demotivate the employees to a great extent. With this regard, therefore, Google needs to make sure that the employees are well motivated. Failure to do so could mean that the company goes down the drain as has some major companies. This issue of employee motivation needs to be addressed urgently.

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